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Best Handgun Training

Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


NRA Basic Pistol Course Schedule

 Classes are routinely posted on the calendar approximately 3 to 4 weeks in advance.


 Click Here to view the schedule.

 Private Classes may available throughout the month (8 or more persons attending) by appointment only, weather permitting, and subject to reschedule with heavy rain (outdoor courses).


If you would like to schedule a private lesson (8 or more persons), send an email or call (916) 295-8489.

To register for one of these courses, send an email with your name, address, telephone number and which course you would like to attend. You MUST pre-register for all courses.







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SigSauer Rifle

Best Handgun Training Handgun Accessories 



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